Brio’s Chicken is Coming to the Kentlands

Brio’s Chicken is Coming to the Kentlands

Brio’s Chicken, a Peruvian chicken restaurant, is taking one of the newly constructed storefronts found in the paseo in the Kentlands.

The restaurant will be located right behind the old Wine Harvest location.

Brio’s Chicken had a location in Aspen Hill in the Aspen Manor shopping center, where Outback is located, but that location is under new ownership and is now known as Gio’s Chicken.

Brio’s Chicken joins three other “coming soon” restaurants in the Kentlands paseo– Burton’s, Chopt, and Ranken Noodle House.

There is still plenty of construction left to go for all upcoming locations, so it might take a little longer until you can enjoy the new restaurants.

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  1. Every restaurant in what Kimco is calling the paseo is nowhere near opening and all have had similar signage for nearly a year. I would not be surprised if some of them never opened. The list includes Chopt, Burton’s and Ranken Noodle.

  2. David, of course they didn’t open yet. I’m sure that they worked out a delayed opening so they can open in the spring or summer once they can have patrons actually come in and have a chance for profitability

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