Disney Store at Clarksburg Outlets Closing Permanently


Earlier today we spoke with a representative from the Disney Store located at the Clarksburg Outlets and were told that the store would be closing permanently on or before September 15th (depending on when the store runs out of inventory).

Everything in-store is 40% off and a $10 coupon has been provided to customers who walk in, but a representative told us that the store can’t guarantee the coupon will be available.

Per USA Today, Target plans to open more than 100 new Disney shops inside its stores. Because of that, the Walt Disney Co. is shuttering nearly 60 of its full-size retail locations across the country.

Disney announced in March it would close at least 60 Disney stores in North America this year. Nearly 40 stores were included in the first round of closings.

The nearby Tyson’s Corner location started its closing sale yesterday and will also be closing on or before September 15th.


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  2. What section /part of Target is being eliminated to open a “disney store” inside Target?

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