From MoCo to the Closest Cook Out

Last night we took a drive from MoCo to Fredericksburg, VA so that we can enjoy food from the closest Cook Out.

Cook Out is a fast food restaurant that was founded in North Carolina in 1989 and primarily operates in southern states.

We started our voyage from the approximate center of MoCo (Gaithersburg) where we drove about 60 miles on a Friday evening, leaving MoCo at 6:14pm. We arrived an hour and twenty minutes later, at 7:34pm, which isn’t too bad considering we left at the tail end of the evening rush on a Friday.

We arrived to see a line of cars wrapped around the building, but decided to place our order at the takeout window (dine-in was not available due to COVID restrictions).

Our order consisted of a burger, fries, chicken sandwich, fried okra, quesadilla, two hot dogs, cheddar bites, onion rings, hush puppies, Cheerwine, and two shakes. All for $25.

Was it worth the trip? Maybe if you don’t have much to do and want to give it a shot.

Note: Fredericksburg is the closest Cook Out location to MoCo, but there is a Maryland location a little over 100 miles away in Salisbury.


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