MoCo Native Brings Authentic Taiwanese Cuisine, Bao Bei, To Rockville for Pick-Up/Delivery

by MCS Staff

Bao Bei, specializing in authentic Taiwanese cuisine, is now available for pick-up and delivery through a ghost kitchen located at 11910 Parklawn Dr #O in Rockville. The ghost kitchen is owned and operated by Gaithersburg native, Kevin Hsieh.

“The past few years I’ve attended food festivals and private events, but recently opened for pick-up and delivery (UberEats, DoorDash, Grubhub) at a ghost kitchen located in North Bethesda.” said Hsieh. “I’m excited to finally share it with our local community.”

The restaurant currently offers a menu that consists of Baos, Rice bowls and side dishes with our signature item being the Pork Belly Bao. Slow-braised pork belly inside fluffy handmade buns. “We do everything handmade, so you can really feel the authenticity and craft behind the food you consume. If you’ve never tried this before you are MISSING OUT.”

Additional information on the restaurant can be found here.


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