Gas Prices to Increase $.36/Gallon This Sunday as “Gas Tax Holiday” Ends

by Patrick Herron

Last month, Governor Hogan signed a bill that suspended Maryland’s gas tax of $.36 a gallon for 30 days.  That suspension is up this Sunday, April 17.

The State of Maryland is estimated to have lost close to $100 million in tax revenue during the period.  Maryland announced recently that it had a projected budget surplus of more than $7.5 billion.

Drivers with a standard 12 gallon tank saved $4.32 each time they filled up over the last month.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, Maryland State Comptroller and gubernatorial candidate Peter Franchot, who originally suggested the idea of the gas tax holiday on March 10, said:

“Since Day 1, I called for the gas tax holiday to be extended to 90 days because I knew a one-month freeze would have too little of a financial impact on Maryland consumers.

While it is laudable that Maryland was the first state to implement a gas tax holiday, it is unfortunate that we will become the first state to end it.

Some said we couldn’t afford another two months of no gas tax collections. That wasn’t true – we have a historic $7.5 billion surplus that is more than able to cover the transportation priorities that the gas tax normally funds for this 90-day window.”



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