Latest on Wawa Coming to Gaithersburg


Latest on Wawa Coming to Gaithersburg

Back in 2019 we reported that Wawa was coming to Gaithersburg and would be taking over the old Becraft Antiques location on 355, across from Gaithersburg High School (405 S Frederick Ave).

The latest we’ve heard is that Wawa is currently working through their final site plan with the City of Gaithersburg in order to present and get approval from the Planning Commission. Once approved, Wawa move forward with construction.

Public opposition to the site led to the development being stalled after a group of 14 community members filed an administrative appeal in the Montgomery County Circuit Court.

The opponents of the site had stated that the Wawa does not align with MoCo’s master plan and would generate traffic and noise annoyances for residents in the surrounding areas.

Back in April Judge Donald Beachley struck down the appeal, clearing the way for development to begin.



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  1. I was told by somebody who works for Wheaton Reginal there wouldn’t be a Friendship Picnic this year.

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