Lidl is Coming to Germantown

by MCS Staff

Lidl, a German international discount supermarket chain, is under contract to purchase the subject properties between Walter Johnson Road and Germantown Road and seeks to develop a 31,000 square foot Lidl Grocery Store with associated parking and open space areas.

Prior to the Concept Plan Submission, a few months back, Lidl held three meetings with Upcounty Planning Staff to review various development schemes. The submitted plans reflect the input of Planning Staff to date.

A community meeting to discuss the preliminary plan is scheduled for Monday, September 27th. We’ll have more details on the meeting in the coming days.

A new Lidl mixed-use project has also been proposed for Rockville.

Below you’ll see more information about the Germantown site, courtesy of Montgomery Planning.

Existing Site Conditions

  • The site is an assemblage of several properties and a portion of existing county right-of-way to be abandoned, as shown on the Concept Plan. The total developed (net site) area will be approximately 2.8 acres.
  • The site is currently used as a copy center and office building. There is a three-story building on the property with a surface parking area. All existing improvements will be demolished.
  • The site is bounded by the following uses:
    o North:Mid-AtlanticFederalCreditUnion
    o South:7-Eleven, GasStation, and Verizon Utility Building
    o East: Walter Johnson Road (county road)
    o West: Germantown Road (Maryland 355)
  • Several easements exist on the property related to utilities and access. The site also benefits from an off-site access easement to allow for ingress/egress to Wisteria Drive. Some of the existing utility easements will be abandoned to accommodate the new development.
  • A portion of the site is within the boundaries of the Madelyn V. Waters Historic Site, although there are no certified historic resources present on the site.

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Bucky September 7, 2021 - 1:47 pm

This is great! Has there been any chatter regarding what would happen to the former Weis location that is on Frederick Ave in Gaithersburg? Walnut Hill Shopping Plaza?

A Lidl would be nice, but if there are already plans for one in King Farm and Germantown, I would expect a different competitor to occupy the space in between.


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