Mochinut is Coming to Rockville

by MCS Staff

Mochinut, a restaurant that serves mochi donuts, Korean rice flour hotdogs, soft serve, and bubble tea drinks (menu available below), is coming to 838 Rockville Pike– the current location of Tea-Do. Tea-Do is a “contemporary tea house” that was on the early side of MoCo’s bubble tea explosion in recent years, opening in January of 2016.

Mochinut offers mochi donuts, which is described as “a donut that originated from Hawaii which is a combination of American doughnuts and Japanese mochi.” Up to 25 different flavors are available, but flavors will vary by location. The Mochinut menu also consists savory treats in the form of Korean hotdogs and offers other sweet menu items like soft serve ice cream and bubble tea drinks. An opening date is not yet available.


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Liz Bullock October 1, 2022 - 11:16 pm

We have an overabundance of restaurants serving foods heavy in animal products. It’s bad for your health, It’s hell on the animals, and it is destroying our planet. We need more restaurants like Yuan Fu Vegetarian (which is actually vegan), and serves traditional Chinese foods with “meat” that is made from grains like wheat and soy.
The only other vegan restaurant around is in Silver Spring inside the Whole Foods Market. The plant based burgers & fries are so good. There are so many amazing vegan restaurants in other areas, like Philadelphia, N.Y., L.A.. The food is Amazing. Give the animals a day off.


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