MoCo Cancels Both Fourth of July Celebrations

by MCS Staff

MoCo Cancels Both Fourth of July Celebrations⁣⁣
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis, Montgomery County has announced the cancellation of both of its Fourth of July celebrations; “Germantown Glory” and “Mid-County Sparkles” (Einstein High School)⁣
“In light of the current public health and social distancing requirements, we found that it would not be possible to host the Fourth of July celebrations while ensuring the safety of our residents and staff,” said Montgomery County Recreation Director Robin Riley. ⁣⁣
In an effort to stress the seriousness posed by the use of dangerous and illegal fireworks, Montgomery County Fire Chief Scott Goldstein and public safety officials across the region launched a comprehensive effort several years ago to inform and educate the public about illegal fireworks. All fireworks, including sparklers are illegal in Montgomery County.⁣⁣
“The law in Montgomery County is clear and the safest and smartest way to typically enjoy fireworks is at one of the many public displays that usually takes place in the area,” said Fire Chief Goldstein. “Since most of the public fireworks displays have been canceled in Montgomery County and for your safety and your own well-being, we implore you to not take fireworks displays into your own hands.”⁣⁣
As residents make plans for the upcoming July 4 holiday, health officials recommend that everyone celebrates at home. Large, outdoor gatherings still pose a high risk, especially when people are close together and cannot properly maintain physical distance.


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