MoCo Police Finds More Weapons At Home Of Clarksburg HS Student Arrested For Bringing A Gun To School

UPDATED AT 9:40pm with information from Montgomery County Police on the items that were seized from Chen’s home.

Montgomery County Police found multiple weapons in the home of Clarksburg High School student, Alwin Chen.

ABC7’s Kevin Lewis reports that an AR-15 style rifle, multiple grenades, a detonator for C4 land mines, additional guns, a tactical vest, and a list of grievances regarding students and school were found in Chen’s home.

Prosecutors have since explained that the detonator was only for land mines and the grenades were inert (did not contain explosives).

The Montgomery County Police Department has also since released the following on what was seized from Chen’s home:

  • Two rifles
  • A shotgun
  • Two handguns
  • Ammunition
  • Inert (replica) grenades
  • A ballistic vest
  • A replica electrical firing device (referred to as a clacker)
  • Chen’s journal

Regarding the above seized items, it should be noted that:

  • Detectives are working to confirm ownership of the seized guns. At this time, there is no indication that any of the guns were stolen. There is no indication that the guns belong to anyone other than household members.
  • There were no explosives recovered in the home.
  • Investigators from the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office examined the inert grenades and clacker and determined them to be replicas.
  • Detectives have reviewed the contents of Chen’s journal. There is no wording regarding any threat nor any expression of wanting to cause harm to anyone at the school in this journal.
  • Chen’s motive for bringing a gun to school remains under investigation.

According to Lewis, MoCo authorities also stated that Chen had brought a gun to class on a prior occasion, but no further details were provided.

Chen’s attorney is claiming that the other items were not found in Chen’s room and that all of the weapons were properly licensed. He is being held on a no bond status.

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