Montgomery County Council Primary Election Results As of Wednesday Morning (7/20/22)

by MCS Staff

With almost all precincts reporting Early Voting and Election Day results (Mail-In/Provisional Ballot results not yet available), you’ll see the results below for each district in the races for County Council as of 9:00am on Wednesday. Results for the At-Large County Council primary can be seen here.

District 1: Andrew Friedson has officially won the District 1 Democratic primary (11,069 votes, 100%). He ran unopposed.

District 2: Marilyn Balcombe leads the Democratic primary with 32 of 35 Election Day precincts reporting (3,242, 46.84%). William Roberts is second (2,005, 28.97%), and Lorna Phillips Forde is third (1,675, 24.20%). Dan Cuda will get the Republican nod (1,950, 100%) as he ran unopposed.

District 3: Incumbent Sidney Katz (4,019, 58.25%) is leading the District 3 race with 33 of 39 Election Day precincts reporting. Gaithersburg City Councilmember Rob Wu is in second (2,294, 33.25%), and Tiquia Bennett is third (587, 8.51%). George Hernandez will get the Republic nod (1,295, 100%), as he ran unopposed.

District 4: With 32 of 33 Election Day precincts reporting, Takoma Park Mayor Kate Stewart (5,663, 44.87%) leads the District 4 Democratic race over Amy Ginsburg (3,911, 30.99%), Al Carr (2,532, 20.06%), John Zittrauer (273, 2.16%), and Troy Murtha (243, 1.93%). Cheryl Riley (815, 100%) will get the Republican nod, as she ran unopposed.

District 5: With all 30 Election Day precincts reporting, Kristin Mink (4,228, 40%) has a strong lead in the District 5 Democratic primary. Fatmata Barrie (2,800, 26.49%) is second and Jeremiah Pope (1,528, 14.45%) is third. Five other candidates received less than 7% each. Kate Woody (1,333, 100%) will get the Republican nod, as she ran unopposed.

District 6: With all 33 Election Day Precincts reporting, Natali Fani Gonzalez (4,861, 53.55%) has a big lead in the District 6 Democratic primary. Maricé Morales (1,537, 16.93%) is second, Omar Lazo (939, 10.34%) is third, and Steve Solomon (787, 8.67%) is fourth. Four other candidates received less than 6% of the vote each. Viet Doan (1,211, 100%) will earn the Republican nod, as he ran unopposed.

District 7: With 43 of 44 Election Day precincts reporting, Dawn Luedtke (2,590, 31.78%) leads the District 7 Democratic primary over Jacqueline Manger (2,001, 24.55%). Ben Wikner (919, 11.27%) is in third, and four other candidates have received less than 10% of the vote each. Harold Maldonado (3,106, 100%) earns the Republican nod, as he ran unopposed.


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