New Winery, Wine Education Center, and Event Space Planned for Poolesville


New Winery, Wine Education Center, and Event Space Planned for Poolesville

Crossvines, a new development project in Poolesville, will be a combination of a winery, events center, and wine education center. 

As part of a partnership with The University of Maryland Extension, students will be able to study grape cultivation, vineyard management, and winemaking at the new facility. Additionally, there will be a partnership with the Universities at Shady Grove to provide hands-on experiences for students in their agri-tourism, marketing, culinary arts, and other related programs. 

The facility will share land with the Poolesville Golf Course– it’ll be built on an empty spot not currently used for golfing.  At the moment, there is a very small vineyard on the premises, which has been used for research. In addition to the vineyard, the plan is to construct a 16,500 square foot clubhouse with a banquet and dining hall, a grape crushing facility, a malting and distilling facility, educational pavilion, picnic area, and outdoor class space. 

This winery is a collaboration between the Montgomery County Revenue Authority, The Universities at Shady Grove, and The University of Maryland Extension. It’s expected to bring in approximately $22 million in activity to MoCo. 

You can learn more about the proposed development here and about the University of Maryland Extension program here

By: Michelle Katz @pike.and.rozay


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