NIH Postponing Elective Surgeries After Increase in Staff Covid Infections/Exposures

by MCS Staff

Dr. James Gilman, chief executive officer of NIH’s clinical center, announced in an email to staff that elective surgeries would be postponed at Bethesda’s NIH starting next week, according to Reuters.

Reuters reviewed the memo, which also stated that at least 80 clinical center staff called in sick on Wednesday due to Covid-19 infections or exposures.

Per the report, “NIH also is ‘running dangerously low’ on the chemicals required by its laboratories to test for COVID-19 and “reagents are in short supply everywhere,” Gilman wrote.”

“The situation has gotten a little bit worse each day,” Gilman wrote. “If there is any good news, it may be that the Omicron peak should be rapid and we can get back to business as usual soon. However, we cannot do business as usual next week.”

The full report from Reuters can be seen here.


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