OmniFun Indoor Playground to Close May 23

by Patrick Herron

A previous version of this article stated that OmniFun was closed. The business remains open until May 23rd

After three years in business, OmniFun Indoor Play Center at 831 Russell Ave Gaithersburg, which boasted having “one of the largest ball pits in Montgomery County,” is closing.  The location’s assets, including a three-level indoor jungle gym, arcade machines, toys and general household items, are up for auction through Capital Online Auctions. Owner Mike Tian says the business could not recover after the coronavirus pandemic brought his business to a standstill. “The business was a success on the first day we were open,” he told Capital Online. “It served as a sweet spot for kids to socialize with others and for parents to relax and have a chat. We were very well received and recognized by the community. We had parents traveling hours to OmniFun every weekend. Our birthday parties were fully booked every weekend.”

“We struggled a lot with a balance between being a sustainable business and the safety of the community and our staff,” said Tian. “As a business, we needed large crowds to be profitable, but as a parent, I always asked myself, ‘Do I want to take my kids there with this many people?’ The state and county set the capacity limit, but we operated even below the limit all the time to avoid larger crowds.” Tian said initially he was hopeful the business would recover once the pandemic passed, but as months stretched to years, ultimately the business became unsustainable. “When we started building up this business, my kids were three and six years old. We wanted to build something that they could really enjoy and be proud of,” he said. “We had a lot of good times here, even during COVID. All the support and positive feedback from so many families


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