Rockville’s Spartan Medical Donates 700 Medical-Grade Survival Blankets and Other Medical Supplies to Ukraine People

by MCS Staff

“Send blankets . . . or we’ll freeze to death” was Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko’s blunt assessment of the coming winter

Spartan Medical Inc., a veteran-owned medical solutions company headquartered at 1445 Research Blvd in Rockville, announced it has donated 700 Siren Survival Wraps and additional medical supplies to help Ukrainian civilians endure the alarmingly cold months ahead.

As Ukrainian forces have halted and opposed the invading Russian military, Russia has expanded its military strategy to attack critical infrastructure and dismantle Ukrainian cities’ life-support systems such as water, sewage, and electricity.

The average daily high temperature in Kyiv during the winter months is just above freezing. Accordingly, it is critical that medical facilities and first responders can maintain the core body temperature of at-risk populations under these conditions. Siren Survival Wraps are derived from a proprietary, post-surgery normothermia system. With the help of these wraps, clinicians and first responders will have the medical-grade tools needed to reduce the risk of life-threatening hypothermia.

“Spartan Medical has the technologies and expertise to help the Ukrainian people, and we are determined to make a difference,” stated Vince Proffitt, Founder and President of Spartan Medical. “These Siren Survival Wraps will directly assist Ukrainians in enduring the approaching harsh winter.”

Spartan Medical and the Proffitt Brothers Foundation, the charitable arm of Spartan Medical Inc., are working with the James Hollister Wellness Foundation based in Rockville, Maryland to deliver these supplies to Ukraine. The James Hollister Wellness Foundation provides life-saving medications and medical supplies to low-income and displaced individuals around the world.

“We’ve been providing medicine and medical supplies to Ukraine for months now, but the coming winter has drastically changed the requests we are receiving,” explained Matthew Hollister, Chairman and CEO, James Hollister Wellness Foundation. “For the Ukrainian soldiers battling for their home country, it has always been a life-or-death situation. But now, for the Ukrainian civilians, it’s a life-or-death situation just to battle the weather. The supplies from Spartan Medical Inc. could not have come at a better time to save the lives of those most affected by the attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure.”

In addition to the Siren Survival Wraps, Spartan will also provide over one hundred thousand individual medical supplies, including the recently launched SURE Fire single-use retractor, a pre-packaged, sterile, surgery-ready system ideally suited to the demanding medical conditions in Ukraine (designed for the flexibility required in austere environments and front-line operations).

“Because of our medical and clinical expertise and our ability to manage complex logistics, today we assist the James Hollister Wellness Foundation in getting these products to the place of greatest need,” adds Proffitt.


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