Snider’s Super Foods Sold, Not Many Changes Expected

Snider’s Super Foods Sold, Not Many Changes Expected

After a couple days of rumors swirling about the sale of Snider’s Super Foods in Silver Spring, we were able to confirm the sale.

Manager Terry Sweet informed us that the grocery store was sold to Streets Market, but that not much will change with the store. The name will remain, employees will keep their jobs, and everything will remain relatively untouched except for a few cosmetic improvements in the coming months.

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  1. No surprise. Dave Snider, the owner, told me that none of his kids wanted to take over the business. Independent groceries are headed the way of the dodo. My only surprise is that it was not sold for the land to build a condo, Zoning?

  2. Best wishes to Dave. You and your family had a great run (my 92 YO mom once dated his dad, +/-1947)

  3. A great grocery store- friendly service and great produce!

  4. hope the store has another 90 years. the deli meats are outstanding

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