Taste MoCo’s Best Pizza in MoCo: Elite Eight


Taste MoCo’s Best Pizza in MoCo: Elite Eight

We are now down to the Elite Eight of the Best Pizza in MoCo tournament! These tournaments are a fun way to shine a little light on local restaurants.

We urge you to support your favorites and consider refraining from badmouthing any restaurant.

Voting takes place in the @TasteMoCo Instagram story, and each round lasts for 24 hours. The result of every matchup can be found in the “Best Pizza” highlight.

As a reminder, we included every restaurant that was nominated and did not include any restaurants that have more locations outside of MoCo than in (unless the first location was in MoCo).


Continental vs. Roscoe’s

The popular Kensington restaurant got past the restaurant with the most locations (Manny & Olga’s) in the sweet sixteen. Roscoe’s is representing Takoma Park and is the last of the remaining Neapolitan spots.


Stained Glass Pub vs. Mamma Lucia

Stained Glass Pub is fresh off of winning the battle of Layhill Rd against Sole D’Italia. Mamma Lucia has steamrolled the competition on its way to the Elite Eight.


Giussepi’s vs. Slice of Rockville

Giuseppi’s had a tough road to the Elite Eight, going through Milano’s, Gregorio’s, and Mangino’s. Slice of Rockville slayed some giants itself, powering past Vace, Ricciuti’s, and Pines of Rome.


Armand’s vs. 4 Corners Pub

Lots of love being shown for the lone Armand’s Pizza remaining in MoCo (the only other location left is Armand’s by the Sea at Bethany Beach). It goes against 4 Corners Pub, who took out Frankly Pizza in a tough one in the sweet sixteen.


19 Comments on "Taste MoCo’s Best Pizza in MoCo: Elite Eight"

  1. Giuseppi’s vs Mamma Lucia finals!


  3. Mamma Lucias ftww

  4. Continental and 4 Corners…can’t decide on Mama Lucias vs Stainned Glass, tough to call a winner on that one!


  6. Continental

  7. Mamma Lucia!! Real Néw York Pizza!

  8. Lol you gonna tell me ARMANDS beat out CSNY annnnnnd Potomac Pizza. There is no way. Nope, do not trust this list one bit

  9. Seems most of the people voting haven’t actually tried a lot of these places. Inferno is where it’s at.

  10. James C Deitrick | December 31, 2020 at 2:29 am | Reply

    We all know that Giuseppi’s is gonna win.

  11. 4 CORNERS PUB – The best of the best!

  12. Where’s Manny’s Pizza and Subs in Kensington?

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