The Cider Barrel Hopes to Reopen this Fall

by MCS Staff

The Cider Barrel Hopes to Reopen this Fall

Back in 2017 a local pastry chef attempted to raise money to bring back The Cider Barrel. Her efforts fell short and the barrel remained unoccupied on the side of 355.

In January a Facebook page by the Germantown Historical  Society, The Cider Barrel Revival, announced that the historic landmark would re-open this spring.

Covid pushed things back, but earlier this summer The Cider Barrel received a fresh coat of paint.

As of now there are hopes that it can reopen this fall. It will once again sell fresh cider, as well as local produce.

The Cider Barrel in Germantown opened in the mid-1920s and sold non-alcoholic cider from the Ballincar Orchard in Germantown during the height of Prohibition.

The 12 foot tall barrel is located on the side of North Frederick Rd. in Germantown (Rt. 355) and Oxbridge Drive, next to The Elms apartment complex.

After 77 years of selling what a lot refer to as the best apple cider they’ve ever had, apples, pumpkins, and more, The Cider Barrel closed in 2003. Owner, Bill Cross, sold the property because operations became too stressful for the 86 year old gentleman and his business partner.

In 2009 there were talks of moving the Barrel to a location in the Germantown Town Center, but it never occurred because there was a chance the handmade structure would not survive the move. 

In 2012, the Germantown Historical Society had the Cider Barrel added to the Maryland Historic Trust’s Most Endangered Historic Places List, which has saved it from being moved or destroyed.


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