UMD Announces Plan to Cover Tuition and Fees of Low-Income, In-State Students

by MCS Staff

The University of Maryland announced the launch of the Terrapin Commitment on Monday, an investment that will provide up to $20 million annually for low-income, in-state students starting January 2023. The full announcement can be seen below:

Dear Maryland community,

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of the Terrapin Commitment, an investment that will provide up to $20 million annually for need-based financial aid for Maryland students. This is the largest single-year investment in need-based scholarships in our university’s history.

The Terrapin Commitment is designed to ensure that a University of Maryland education is affordable to all residents of our state.

The program will begin in January 2023 and ensures that tuition and fees are fully covered for Pell eligible, in-state students, who are enrolled full time and have unmet financial need. Together, we aim to dramatically reduce the financial barriers to obtaining a higher education for low-income Marylanders. Specifically, the Terrapin Commitment provides funding to reduce the gap between the cost of a UMD education and families’ ability to cover those costs.

The Terrapin Commitment supports a key pillar of our Fearlessly Forward strategic plan—investing in people and communities—by creating equal opportunity for Maryland students to attend a top 20 public institution at their home state’s flagship campus. Offering students the support and resources they need to reach their full potential here at UMD is one more way we proudly serve our state.

We hope you will join us in celebrating this new investment, and you will help us spread the word to students and families who want to join our Terrapin family. Share the news of the Terrapin Commitment with friends and neighbors, and find more information, including eligibility details and how to apply.

The Terrapin Commitment will help recruit the best and brightest students, build upon our strong graduation rates, reduce student debt, and provide pathways for promising students within the state of Maryland. We are thrilled to share this news with our community today.


Signature of President Darryll Pines

Darryll J. Pines
President, University of Maryland, College Park

Signature of Jennifer King Rice

Jennifer King Rice
Senior Vice President and Provost


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