The MoCoShow High School Football Week 3 Preview & Predictions (MCPS)

Churchill at Wootton: It’s been a decade since Wootton last started 2-0. Hardly the toughest opponents so far, but still this isn’t the sort of performance we’re used to seeing from the Patriots. Hell of a job by Ivan Hicks, who looked almost DOA when he took over right before the pandemic. If they can somehow topple rival Churchill, a lot more people will be on notice. It will be their toughest test yet, but Churchill isn’t invulnerable. David Avit is the most talented player Wootton will see up to this point, but the Bulldogs’ offense has had slow starts two weeks in a row with a lackluster passing game. Wootton has established a pretty hard-nosed defense and could frustrate the Dawgs offense once again. However, given David Avit, and Wootton’s own lack of standout offensive play, Churchill should be able to grind this one out once again. Churchill by 14

Sherwood at Magruder: The Warriors have to be feeling good after that crazy win against PB. Magruder looks like their usual selves, solid enough to beat the bad teams, but don’t think they have the horses to run with Sherwood. Sherwood 31

Richard Montgomery at Northwest: WJ showed that RM’s defense isn’t going to hang with the big dogs. Fresh off boatracing Damascus, Northwest’s athletes should terrorize the Rockets. Northwest 45

Springbrook at Paint Branch: Brutal way for PB to lose. Wherever the offense went Friday night, hopefully they get found. But judging by the Einstein game, Springbrook should be a good opportunity for the Panthers to get back on track. Paint Branch by 48

Rockville at Damascus: Damascus hopefully comes into this one angry. Even on a good day Rockville has never been able to run with the Hornets and, coming in at 0-2, it’s not looking to be a good day. Damascus by 42

Walter Johnson at Whitman: Congrats to Whitman on getting their first win since 2019! However it will take quite a bit longer before they’re ready to compete with the WJs of the world. WJ by 30

Einstein at Blake: Einstein bounced back nicely from the Damascus drubbing with a blowout win over Springbrook. They’ll be a step up from the competition Blake has faced so far, and I could definitely see this game being close in the first half. However, Blake looks to be the better team and should grind out a solid W. Blake by 11

Gaithersburg at Watkins Mill: Getting blown out by QO is tuff but at this point not indicative of much other than you’re not winning the 4A title. WM will be a good bounceback opportunity for the Trojans. Gaithersburg by 44

BCC at Poolesville: 2 games in and the Falcons have yet to score a single point. Wish I could say that definitely changes this week, but BCC looked pretty solid defensively against WJ & Churchill. The Barons will be hungry for their first win and the Falcons won’t have the juice to keep up. BCC by 33

Seneca Valley at Clarksburg: Being 1-1 against decent competition, not unexpected. Defense and special teams accounting for all of your points, though? That’s both impressive and concerning at the same time. I do think SV’s defense should be getting more recognition, very impressive teamwork and commitment. But at the same time, does the offense have the horses to get its act together. Clarksburg SHOULD be a good opportunity for the Eagles O to finally make a contribution, but the Coyotes have taken a step up from last year. Seneca Valley by 32

Blair at Kennedy: The way Kennedy’s last game ended was concerning to say the least. If the Cavs are able to play on Thursday, it won’t be pretty. Blair by 49

Wheaton at Northwood: This game and Kennedy are Northwood’s best chances to break their losing streak this year. Wheaton is struggling but still look to be a bit better than the Gladiators who just haven’t seemed to be able to make strides. Wheaton by 23

Stone Bridge (VA) at Quince Orchard (The MoCoShow Game of the Week): In-depth preview and prediction can be seen by clicking here.

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