Mad Mats Wrestling Tournament: Landon Claims Top Honors in Wrestling Spectacle


In a thrilling showcase of grappling prowess, Magruder High School in Derwood played host to the annual Mad Mats Wrestling Tournament this past weekend. Sixteen schools from across the DMV gathered, bringing together some of the most formidable wrestlers in the region.

The team competition was fierce, and it was Landon who emerged triumphant, clinching the team title with an impressive 213 points. A valiant effort from Blake secured them the second spot with 189 points. Magruder, Poolesville, and Good Counsel rounded out the top five, each demonstrating the depth and tenacity of their wrestling programs.

Finals Showdown: Intensity at Every Weight Class

106 lbs: Eli Moy (Blake) Shakes the Ground In a stunning upset, Eli Moy from Blake conquered the 16th ranked Dennis Leary from Landon with a fall at the 5-minute mark, showcasing determination and skill.

113 lbs: Brody Matson (Blake) Edges Past Dimmerling Brody Matson from Blake secured victory at 113 lbs, defeating Ethan Dimmerling from Poolesville in a tight 11-8 decision, highlighting his strategic prowess on the mat.

120 lbs: James Hanley (Landon) Swift and DominantIn a commanding performance, the 4th ranked James Hanley of Landon swiftly defeated Sava Makarov of Magruder with a fall in just 48 seconds, asserting his dominance.

126 lbs: Stone Yuen (Einstein) Triumphs Over Stadler5th ranked Stone Yuen of Einstein triumphed over Duncan Stadler of Jackson-Reed (DC) with a 12-9 decision, showcasing skill and tenacity in a closely contested match.

132 lbs: Bryan Johnson (Broad Run, VA) Displays Authority Bryan Johnson of Broad Run (VA) left his mark, pinning the 17th ranked Jimmy Messer of Magruder at 4:35, displaying authority and control on the mat.

138 lbs: Max Pasquier (Magruder) Commands the Ring Max Pasquier of Magruder asserted his dominance with a major decision of 18-7 against Lucas Redman of Good Counsel, showcasing his strategic prowess and technical finesse.

144 lbs: Vinnie Volpe (Poolesville) Lightning Fast Victory Vinnie Volpe of Poolesville secured a lightning-fast victory, pinning Anthony Keene of Magruder in an impressive 1:02, leaving spectators in awe.

150 lbs: Noah Tucker (Bullis) Precision in Every MoveIn a meticulous display, the 5th ranked Noah Tucker of Bullis secured a 6-1 decision against Anthony Sharifian of Einstein, demonstrating precision in every move.

157 lbs: Salah Tsarni (Bullis) Imposing Pin Salah Tsarni of Bullis left an indelible mark, pinning Connor Koegel of Landon at 1:11, showcasing strength and an imposing presence on the mat.

165 lbs: Shimma Wexler (Poolesville) Quick FinishShimma Wexler of Poolesville demonstrated swiftness and skill, pinning Omid Shirzoi of Einstein at an impressive 1:40, securing a quick finish.

175 lbs: Sepanta Ahanj-Elias (Bullis) Asserts Dominance The 3rd ranked Sepanta Ahanj-Elias of Bullis secured victory against Cooper Paksima of St. Andrews by forfeit.

190 lbs: George Tate (Good Counsel) Makes a Statement In a powerful statement, the 15th ranked George Tate of Good Counsel defeated French Pope of Landon with a fall at 4:43, showcasing his prowess in the ring.

215 lbs: Tiller Smith (Landon) Strikes Fast Tiller Smith of Landon wasted no time, pinning Andrew Fraser of Poolesville at 1:46, displaying a swift and decisive victory.

285 lbs: Juelz Peters (Alexandria City, VA) Lightning-Quick Victory In a lightning-quick victory, Juelz Peters of Alexandria City (VA) pinned Bryton Brown of Good Counsel in a mere 38 seconds, leaving a lasting impression on the heavyweight division.

The Mad Mats Wrestling Tournament delivered a spectacle of skill, determination, and raw athleticism, showcasing the resilience and talent of the region’s top wrestlers. As the mats were rolled up, the echoes of this intense competition will reverberate through the wrestling community, setting the stage for future showdowns on the wrestling mat.


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