Man Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder for Shooting a Park Police Officer

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According to the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office, “In the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, MD, before the Honorable Theresa Chernosky, defendant, Trevon G. Brox, 28, of Washington, D.C. has pleaded guilty to charges of attempted second-degree murder and use of a firearm in a crime of violence for shooting at a Maryland-National Capital Park Police officer.

Brox entered the guilty plea yesterday, January 9, 2024. He faces up to 50 years in prison. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for February 26, 2024, at 1:30 p.m. Assistant State’s Attorneys Robert Hill and Varya Elkis are prosecuting this matter.

“The significance of the charges in this case could not be more poignant as the plea hearing occurred on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. The State intends to ask the judge to go beyond the sentencing guidelines in this matter and will request the maximum sentence,” said State’s Attorney John McCarthy.

The charges stem from an incident on February 1, 2022. Below is a summary of the events as adapted from the State’s proffer to the court:
Maryland National Capital Park Police responded to the call of a theft at the Olney Manor Swim Center. An employee advised that the suspect, later identified as Trevon Brox, had entered the locker room and was stealing from the lockers. The employee further advised that the suspect was still there.

The first Park Police officer to arrive on scene was in an unmarked vehicle and not in uniform at the time. He observed Brox enter a vehicle. At this point the officer called for uniform backup. Moments later, a Park Police cruiser arrived.  When the marked cruiser’s emergency lights were activated, the defendant fled the premises, driving out of the lot onto N/B Georgia Avenue at a high rate of speed.

The officer followed the defendant, but lost sight of him until he approached the intersection of Georgia Avenue and King William Drive- approximately one mile north of the Swim Center.  There the officer observed that the defendant’s Hyundai had collided with another occupied vehicle that was stopped at a stop sign on King William Drive and preparing to turn right onto Georgia Avenue.

A witness advised that after the Hyundai struck the second vehicle, the defendant jumped out and went toward the trunk of the Hyundai.  The witness observed Brox appear to drop and then pick up the handgun and flee into the neighborhood adjacent to King William Drive.

The officer arrived at the accident scene in time to see the defendant running into the neighborhood. Anticipating the Defendant’s direction of travel, the officer drove ahead for two blocks and parked adjacent to the community playground.

The officer exited his vehicle and put on a vest – marked “Police” on the front.  He then headed on foot toward some townhouses on Buehler Court.  As he drew closer to the townhouses, he could see the defendant standing in the front yard of one of them.  The officer observed that Brox did not appear see him initially as the defendant seemed to be looking at a cell phone.

The officer, with OC spray in hand drew closer and then gave verbal commands stating, “police, get down on the ground!” The defendant looked up at the officer.  At this point the officer was approximately 6 to 8 feet from the defendant.  Suddenly, the defendant pulled out a handgun and punched the gun outwardly in the direction of the officer. At that split second, the officer dove to the right and the defendant opened fire, missing the officer, but striking the rear of a car parked behind the officer.  Brox then turned and ran behind the row of townhouses. He was located and taken into custody shortly after, without further incident.

Tevon Brox

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