Beyond MOCO: Video of Michael Jordan Partying in Ocean City Maryland

by Daniela Perez

Michael Jordan is an avid open sea fisher. During the fishing season, MJ spends time traveling the coast in his 8 million dollar fishing boat to participate in fishing competitions. MJ and his boat Catch 23’ were registered for the 2021 White Marlin Open, (August 2nd through 6th) for the third year in a row. In the past he hasn’t caught anything worth a cash prize. 

For three years in a row, the arrival of Jordan’s private plane at the Salisbury airport has been something local residents look out for. CATCH 23′ is powered by MTU engines and has a max speed of 40 knots and a range of more than 500 nm. The yacht can accommodate eight guests and a crew of two. The 216 square-foot cockpit is built for deep-sea fishing. There’s a transom door, a massive freezer, a large storage space, and fish wells The boat features Jordan’s signature elephant skin print that is also on his private jet. The elephant skin print was used on the Jordan 3s sneakers.


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