Change in Demographics for Every MCPS High School Since 1989


Change in Demographics for Every MCPS High School Since 1989

According to, “US schools have become more racially and ethnically diverse over the past few decades, but these changes have played out differently across the country. Understanding a school’s demographics can inform conversations around school segregation, redistricting, funding, and equity.”

Below we’ve included the change in demographics for every MCPS high school since 1989 as provided by

Note: We’ve been covering the MCPS boundary analysis and the discussion around it through a series of podcasts that’s have featured various local guests.

So far we’ve been joined by former board of education member Jill Ortman-Fouse, founder of the Montgomery County MD Neighbors for Local School Facebook Group Stephen Austin, Urban Planner Dan Reed of Just Up the Pike, and our real estate expert Nurit Coombe, who has joined us each week for a perspective from the real estate side.

We will continue to bring on various guests to discuss the ongoing boundary analysis. Very soon, we’ll be releasing videos of most of these podcasts for anyone who would prefer to watch instead of listen.

The MoCoShow podcast is available at the bottom of our homepage or almost anywhere podcasts can be heard.

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  2. It would be interesting to add an economic metric to these graphs such as median income or median home price per year for each region. Would probably paint an interesting picture.

  3. The “click” feature for highlighting lines in these charts does not function here.

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