Friday Evening Update on Sunday-Tuesday Storm

by MCS Staff

Friday Evening Update on Sunday-Tuesday Storm

There is now a Winter Storm Watch that will go into effect late Saturday Night through late Sunday Night. The National Weather Service states there is potential for five inches of snow or more.


This watch is for the first part of the storm that is coming our way this weekend. More on the second part below.


The overnight runs of both the GFS (American model) and Euro (European model) were good for snow lovers, showing anywhere between 8-10” for our area by Tuesday morning when all is said and done.

This morning/afternoon’s runs were fairly similar, showing between 5-9” for MoCo. The “happy hour” GFS run showed significantly more snow for our area with 9-12” but let’s wait until tonight’s GFS run (10:30pm) and the European run overnight (1:30am) before we get excited.


We should wake up to a better idea of totals, but right now the National Weather Service has us at 4-6” with a boom scenario of a foot of snow (10% probability) and a bust scenario of 3” (also 10% probability, as seen in the images below.


The first part of the storm, on Sunday, should be good for that initial thump of 3-6.” It should start falling around 7am and continue into the evening.


The second part of the storm, which would come on Monday, is more uncertain. It can end up being nothing, a couple inches, another 3-6,” or even more if everything aligns.


We’ll continue to provide updates for you until it’s time for the storm!


Featured photo is Fox 5’s first call (4-8”)

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Henry January 29, 2021 - 8:47 pm

Thanks for the update. By the way, I understand that you are trying to make money, but this website has become too cluttered with ads.

Jessica Greene January 29, 2021 - 9:35 pm

Then it seems like you don’t quite understand there Hank. Thanks for the free info guys, we appreciate it.


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