Governor Hogan to Make Major Covid-19 Economic Relief Announcement

by MCS Staff

Governor Hogan to Make Major Covid-19 Economic Relief Announcement

Governor Hogan will hold a State House press conference to make a major Covid-19 economic relief announcement tomorrow at 11am, according to his communications director Mike Ricci.

Ricci went on to tweet, “To date, the state has provided more than $700 million in emergency economic relief.”

“Last month, the governor said, “we will also be proposing a larger economic and stimulus relief package, which will provide further support for our struggling families and small businesses.”


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Debbie Bush January 12, 2021 - 2:19 pm

As a citizen of Maryland whose family has been highly effected by COVID. My daughter lost all of her contracts because she dealt with the public. She has 0 income other than unemployment. She finally graduated from college and now owes college loans. Everything costs more which is another difficulty. Some can’t feed their families. It’s a real crises and not getting better. Additional stimulus would save some people from ruining their credit. Others are so stressed they commit suicide. Kids can’t go to school. It’s a nightmare sir. Any help would help tremendously.


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