Homecoming Festivities Will Return to MCPS This Fall With Modifications

by MCS Staff

An update to how Homecoming festivities will take place in MCPS high schools this year was posted on the MCPS website yesterday.

After cancellations last year due to the pandemic, homecoming festivities will return to MCPS this year, but music and dancing will take place outdoors.


Homecoming festivities in all MCPS high schools will begin in late September and continue through the end of October. Our school communities engage in rich traditions featuring fun activities for students to promote school spirit and celebrate their teams and clubs. This year, these homecoming traditions and celebrations will continue, but with modifications to ensure the health and safety of our students, staff and families within the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic environment.

In August, a Homecoming Innovation Committee composed of high school student, staff and principal leaders met to generate and develop ideas. The committee also engaged a representative from the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services for guidance and support. As a result of this collaborative work, MCPS is moving forward with all homecoming celebrations with the following modifications and considerations:

  • As with daily classroom instruction, students and staff will be required to wear masks when participating in activities that occur indoors (for example, putting up hallway decorations).
  • Hallway/float decorations, pep rallies and other homecoming activities will occur as scheduled. Where possible, activities will move outdoors.
  • Homecoming dances will also occur with the following modifications
    • No music or dancing will occur indoors. Schools will identify space outdoors for music and dancing. Stadiums or courtyards are potential options.
    • The Homecoming Innovation Committee has generated ideas for alternative activities at homecoming dances and has shared them with schools. Schools are encouraged to collaborate with student and parent organizations on alternative activities.
    • Schools should consider an earlier start and end time for homecoming dances to take advantage of daylight hours.
    • Schools are encouraged to identify a “rain date” for the homecoming dance.
    • Schools should avoid purchasing tents or contracting with novelty companies to offer activities.
    • Schools should follow existing practices related to permitting guests to attend homecoming. Guests should be limited to currently enrolled MCPS students ONLY.

Featured photo courtesy of MCPS.


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