How are Montgomery Parks dealing with COVID-19?

How are Montgomery Parks dealing with COVID-19?

Montgomery County Parks have taken many measures to ensure the continued operation of their parks despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Parks launched several programs back in April to allow citizens to continue enjoying the parks. These include the open parkways program, which makes stretches of roadways available for pedestrians and bikers on the weekends. Another program launched is the “Trails Less Traveled” program, which aims to encourage people to visit trails they previously may not have gone to in order to allow for social distancing.

According to Parks spokeswoman Melissa Chotiner, the best way that the community can help the parks is to simply follow the new guidelines put in place.

“A great way for people to help the parks is to leave no trace when they visit our parks and trails,” Chotiner said. “Basically, take out whatever they bring in.”

The parks are currently open to the public in accordance with county and state guidelines. The use of some amenities are restricted, such as water fountains and playgrounds. The Parks Department regularly updates their policies at

By Isaac Donsky

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