Humans of MoCo: Wendy Wroblewski (Stand-Up Comedian, Gaithersburg)

Born and brought up in Gaithersburg, a young Wendy Wroblewski always assumed she would become a scientist, not a stand-up comedian.

“I saw Last Comic Standing on TV, and I thought I just wanted to try it for fun. I took a standup comedy class at the DC Improv because I had no idea how to start. It forced me to get on stage which is the hardest part in the beginning. After maybe 3 performances, I promptly quit for many years because it was too stressful,” Wroblewski said.

After quitting for a few years, Wroblewski decided to retry comedy and has been seriously doing stand-up for the last five years.

“I have performed in many bars and restaurants in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. I’ve also performed at more prestigious places like the DC Improv, The Kennedy Center, The Arlington Drafthouse, and DC Drafthouse. I perform anywhere from 5-45 minutes. Most nights they are 5-minute sets.”

Wroblewski’s comedy consists of her talking about funny things from her life.

“Before a set, I like to look at my notes and think about what I want to do,” said Wroblewski.

As a working woman and doing stand-up about six nights a week, it can be hard for Wroblewski to balance her life.

“It’s always difficult. I am very busy and tired! I’m obsessed with working hard. I want to try as hard as I can to succeed,” said Wroblewski

Wroblewski’s favorite part of being a stand- up comedian is “probably hanging out with comedians off stage. It’s usually pretty fun and funny.” In term of her goals for the future, she wants “to be really good at stand up.” “I’d love to be a cartoon voice. Hopefully, some monetary success too,” said Wroblewski.

Wendy Wroblewski is a passionate Stand-up comedian and offered some advice to those interested in stand-up comedy, “Try to be yourself and to go up as much as you can. To start doing comedy, you go to an open mic and perform for 3-5 minutes. Just do it, you’ll never feel ready,” said Wroblewski.

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