Kyoto Matcha and BB.Q Chicken Coming to The Block

by Michelle Katz

Kyoto Matcha and BB.Q Chicken Coming to The Block

The Block in Pike & Rose announced today that two new vendors would be opening soon.

Kyoto Matcha, a matcha and dessert-focused restaurant, will take over the stall that used to house SnoCream.

Their menu features ice cream, cakes, soba, mochi, and more flavored with matcha, purple sweet potato (ube), rose, maple, and other Japanese delicacies. (Read more about Kyoto Matcha here.)

Kyoto Matcha currently has locations in Rockville Town Center and Ellicott City.

BB.Q Chicken, an international Korean chicken franchise, is also coming soon to The Block.

Despite often standing for barbecue, BB.Q in this case, stands for “Best of the Best Quality”.

BB.Q Chicken offers fried chicken, sauced chicken, Korean favorites (dduk bokki– rice cakes in a red chili sauce, bulgogi rice bowls, jjim-dak– braised chicken in red chili sauce), soups, munchies, and more.

BB.Q Chicken currently has a location in Traville Gateway as well as Centreville, VA.

We spoke with a staff member at The Block, who estimates that both places could be open as soon as mid-April.

You can learn more about Kyoto Matcha here and BB.Q Chicken here.

BB.Q Chicken photo courtesy of their social media, Kyoto Matcha photo courtesy of Taste MoCo.

By: Michelle Katz @pike.and.rozay



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