Kyoto Matcha is Now Open


Kyoto Matcha, an international chain dedicated to Matcha desserts, opened in Rockville Town Square on Black Friday.

Today we stopped in for some amazing desserts and were pleasantly surprised by a full restaurant during off-peak hours– definitely great to see at Rockville Town Square.

Pictures you’ll see:
• Layered crepe cake
• Tiramisu w a shot of matcha
• Daifuku Rice mochi with Oreo inside
• Iced Matcha latte
• Sakura cheese mousse Oreo cake
Every dessert is made with high-quality matcha powder, which I’m told can be confirmed by the color of the matcha.
The tiramisu is topped with matcha powder. I didn’t quite know how to eat it, but I was told to dive right in…so I did. It was not too sweet, but very tasty.
I really liked the Daifuku rice mochi with Oreo filling and the iced matcha latte. I’m writing this a few hours later and I’m still going…so the latte works ?
The Sakura cheese mousse has a cherry blossom on top (it’s edible) and an Oreo base. It has a few layers that have different tastes…and I liked that too.
All in all, I didn’t know what to expect as I had not tried most of these desserts in the past, but I was pleasantly surprised.
Check out Kyoto Matcha when you get the chance, it’s a fun and tasty experience…and definitely something different!

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