Montgomery County Council Audit Committee Meeting on June 23, 2022

by Patrick Herron

More detail on each agenda item is provided below.

Updates from the Office of the Inspector General and the Office of Internal Audit

Review: The Audit Committee will receive briefings from the OIG and the Office of Internal Audit about their ongoing activities and reports.

Inspector General Megan Davey Limarzi will update the committee on the activities of the OIG, including updates on six OIG reports and three announced engagements in progress.

William Broglie, manager of the Office of Internal Audit, will update the committee on the activities of the office, including updates on three reports recently released and four ongoing reviews.

The Council recommends that residents, who choose to attend in-person Council or committee meetings, get fully vaccinated to protect themselves and others against COVID-19. If this is not possible, virtual participation is encouraged.

Council and committee meetings are streamed live on the Council’s web page via YouTube and on Facebook Live and can be watched on County Cable Montgomery on Xfinity/RCN 6 HD 996/1056, Fios 30, and on the CCM live stream.


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