Montgomery County Police Add Laws Regarding Protests to Website 

by Patrick Herron

Montgomery County Police have added a section to its website with applicable laws regarding protests in Montgomery County that can be viewed here: Montgomery County Police Protest Laws (PDF) and Disorderly Conduct Laws (PDF), as well as at the bottom of this post. The website specifically mentions protests in front of or adjacent to private residences, which has been been a topic of debate recently as residents protest in the neighborhoods of Supreme Court Justices.

“The Montgomery County Department of Police is committed to preserving the first amendment rights of all individuals. Peaceful, lawful protest and assembly is a cornerstone of our democracy. That said, there are content neutral Montgomery County Code and Maryland Law provisions that restrict protesting and assembling in a private neighborhood. These laws exist regardless of the type of protest or assembly, or their location within a residential neighborhood. To assist in educating the community, below is a list of the most common laws that can have an impact on protest or assembly. This list is not exhaustive and does not include any federal laws which may impact the time, place, and manner of protest or assembly. As always, the Department will work with any individuals or groups to ensure that their particular protest or assembly is being conduced in a lawful manner.”



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