Montgomery County Receives $364,000 in Funds From State to Combat Heroin Epidemic


Montgomery County Receives $364,000 in Funds to Combat Heroin Epidemic

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced Monday that the state will be giving $6M in grants to fund the Maryland Criminal Intelligence Network (MCIN) and Heroin Coordinator programs. Montgomery County’s MCIN will receive $319,452 and local Heroin Coordinators will receive $45,000.

Hogan announced the creation of the MCIN, which has 14 jurisdictions, in 2017 as a “criminal justice strategy coordinated at the local, state, and federal levels to target gangs, drug, firearms, and human trafficking”.

The state’s Heroin Coordinator Program is a multi-agency partnership with the Washington/Baltimore High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) and the Opioid Operational Command Center to combine law enforcement and investigative strategies to battle the heroin epidemic.

“The work of our heroin coordinators and the Maryland Criminal Intelligence Network are an integral part of our comprehensive strategy to collaborate across jurisdictions to dismantle criminal organizations, remain ahead of potential threats, refer individuals struggling with addiction to treatment, and to keep our state and citizens safe,” said Governor Hogan in a press release. “This funding will support a statewide effort to address the heroin and opioid public health crisis in an integrated investigative manner, and to stop criminal organizations from bringing illegal guns and drugs into our communities.”

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