Montgomery Village Gas Station Sold, Under New Ownership

Montgomery Village Gas Station Sold, Under New Ownership

The Montgomery Village Liberty, located at 19205 Watkins Mill Rd. has been sold and will now be known as Watkins Mill Liberty.

They tell us that they are doing construction and upgrades on the market and that all new pumps will be installed next week.

They also told us to expect lower prices, as evident by the $1.99 per gallon price when we stopped by. While the gas station is open, the mechanic shop is scheduled to reopen in January.

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  1. Did you fact check this info by chance? I know it changed ownership in the 90s..possibly late 80s… when it was EXXON..

    • Hi Kim, I spoke with the new owner today who told me the above info. I also spoke with an employee who worked with both owners about the previous owners having it since the 70’s, but if that is inaccurate we will make a correction. Thanks!

    • The gas station wasn’t even build until sometime around 1982.

  2. The gas station was built until around 1982. It was a miniature golf course called the Puttery until around 1981.

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