Neal’s Bagels Plans Move to Kentlands

by MCS Staff

Neal’s Bagels has signed on for a new Kentlands location, according to the Kimco website. It will be located between two upcoming restaurants, Brio’s Chicken and Burton’s, both of which are currently under construction without an expected opening date.

We spoke with owner Neil Bressler, who bought Neal’s Bagels about 10 years back (the name just happened to be the same with a different spelling), and he told us that the bagel shop will remain in its existing location for about another year. Neal’s Bagels is currently located about a mile and a half away at the Potomac Valley shopping center in Gaithersburg. The shop has been there for about 30 years, previously operating under the name Bagels Deluxe.

The plans for the Kentlands location include indoor seating, which is something Neal’s Bagels hasn’t been able to provide yet, as well as an outdoor patio where customers can enjoy their breakfast.

Additions will include a grill that will allow the breakfast spot to add fresh-made eggs to breakfast sandwiches, omelets, pancakes, and waffles.

The goal is currently a February 2023 opening in the Kentlands neighborhood.

Photos below, courtesy of Neal’s Bagels:



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