Northwest Baseball Coach Steps Down After 20 Years and 2 State Championships With the Program

by MCS Staff

Northwest Varsity Head Baseball coach, Todd Varesco, has stepped down after 20 years with the program. During his time as head coach, Varesco helped guide Northwest to two State Championships (2012 and 2017). In his goodbye letter, seen below, Varesco states that he will be putting his time towards his family and cites them as the most important reason for moving on.

After lengthy thought and consultation with my family,  I have made the decision to step down as the Varsity Head Baseball Coach at Northwest High School. I am now going to be able to spend time in the spring with my two daughters, my wife and my family.  The amount of time that I will be able to put towards my family now is the largest and most important reason I am moving on.  The Journey has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  To be able to convey and teach life lessons that transcend baseball has been nothing short of amazing.  I will miss the field, the smells, the sounds, the players, the community, and more than anything my staff that took the journey with me. There are many people that I want to thank, too many, as I know I will forget some of you here, but know that truly I have not forgotten.  

I want to thank my team moms, you all know who you are.  Incredible is the only word to describe you all.  I want to thank the community, the parents especially who were always there for their sons, and were always supportive of the program.  I would like to thank Ms. Lance Dempsey, Mr. Tim Britton, and Jim Tapley for having the faith in a young kid to run such an amazing program.  I would like to thank Coach Matthew Noble for being a mentor and for allowing me to coach with you here.  The amount of knowledge you imparted on me was priceless.  Thank you coach.  Ms. Anne Rossiter for being a huge part of not only our successful program, but athletics as a whole at Northwest.  They broke the mold with you.  Thanks for being a friend all these years as well. My Administrators through the years,Mr. Smith,  Mr. D’Andrea, and Ms. Erika Singleton, thank you for all the support.   Thank you Ms. Jody Tyler, for bringing back excellence to your position and being there for the program and the community. Thank you to Coach Culver, and Tracy Callahan who started this Journey with me.  To all the assistant coaches who have imparted their knowledge and experiences on 12 years of players who have passed through the program.   My current coaches, JV Head Coach Dane Fisher, and Coach Bobby Murphy (former NW player), thank you fellas.  My assistant Varsity Coaches, Coach Vincent Sylvester and Coach John Krahling (former NW player), no words suffice.   My brother Tom Krahling, the amount of time, blood, sweat, and tears we shared, I will never forget.  Thank you to your wife Robin for putting up with us, and for letting you coach with me all these years.  I love you brother.  

I’d like to thank  all the coaches I have coached against.  Especially the fellas that have become good friends over the years.  I will miss hitting the diamond with you boys.  

Last but not least, thank you to my family.  Thank you mom and dad for instilling the competitive and hard working spirit into me. My two daughters for allowing daddy to coach on Saturdays and miss your competitions.  I Will not miss them anymore.  And lastly, thank you Kristina Varesco, for consoling, counseling, picking me up, and being the biggest Todd Varesco fan I could ask for.  Thank you for everything, you are my rock and I love you.  

Thank you Northwest High School and community.  This is not a total goodbye as I will still be in the building, just not on the field.  I will miss it and cherish it always.   


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