Original “Hogs” Sue Dan Snyder/Commanders

by MCS Staff

In a press release tweeted by NBC Sports’ JP Finlay, attorney Seth Berenzweig has announced that the “originals HOGS”, a group that consists of Joe Jacoby, Mark May, John Riggins, Fred Dean, and Doc Walker, will be suing Dan Snyder and the Washington Commanders. Additional information in the full press release below:

WHAT: Dan Snyder and the Washington Commanders are trying to profit off the original HOGS legacy by taking that trademark and associated goodwill and brand equity of the original HOGS. The Commanders are using the original HOGS brand for commercial purposes with NO compensation to the men who’s blood & sweat equity built the original HOGS brand 40 years ago.

WHO: O-Line Entertainment LLC formed by members of the original HOGS: Joe Jacoby, Mark May, John Riggins, Fred Dean, Doc Walker VS Dan Snyder’s Washington Commanders

WHY: The former members of the original HOGS reclaimed their rightful ownership of the Hogs and expect to receive a federal trademark in early 2023.

The newly created Washington Commanders, are a different franchise with a completely different team name that we believe has no legal claim to the original HOGS legacy and brand created 40 years ago. On January 1, the Commanders are going forward with a celebration of the HOGS. The original HOGS have tried to amicably resolve this dispute for many months now but to no avail with the Commanders before the January 1 event. Without substantial control and compensation, the original HOGS do not want to be associated with the Commanders under its current ownership and management and require that their legacy and brand is protected.


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