Slush & Krust Holiday Party for Neurodiverse Teens

by MCS Staff

Keith Lester has been in the special education field for nearly 2 decades– supporting students in various levels as a 1:1, assistant teacher, behavior specialist, and vocational coordinator.

He’s currently a teacher in the Model Asperger Program at the Ivymount School where he teaches social skills. In his spare time, he coach CYO basketball and privately teach social skills for Young & Well. He’s often faced with the challenge of not having an environment for his clients/students to practice learned strategies on a regular basis and more importantly, in real life settings.

In one of his sessions, a client of his told him that he wanted a girlfriend… he went on to further explain that finding an environment to meet teens like him was close to impossible — “no one ever throws parties for us.” He knew that Mr. Lester held an annual video game tournament at his school and thought it would be a great idea if he simply made it available to other kids in a different location. Lester thought it was a great idea but didn’t have the faintest idea of how to create a business catered to neurodiverse teens!

Undeterred, his client spent the next hour explaining the benefits of throwing a party for him and other kids looking for opportunities to hang out with their neurodiverse peers. So, at the end of the session Lester told him that if he could find a place to throw a party within 48 hours, he would do it…three hours later, his mom found a venue and Slush & Krust was born!

Why is it called Slush & Krust?

In Lester’s early years as a special education teacher, He was given the task of managing a startup classroom business by the name of Pop N Shakes– where they sold popcorn and shakes. It was great! The students were responsible for almost all aspects of the business; choosing what to sell, setting up and cleaning up, tracking sales and profits, and most importantly– voting on every transaction and decision.

First up on the agenda? Vetoing his original idea of naming the business. The name that was shot down? Yup…Slush and Crust. What better name for a company that would sell slushies and pizza, right? Apparently, he was wrong. He told his students that if he were to ever start a business, no matter what it involved, he would name it Slush and Crust– his way of righting a wrong.

This re-branding of sorts (changing “crust” to ”krust”) serves as a reminder to those wonderful memories of his first classroom business  and also gives Slush & Krust a well-deserved second chance.

Shrug off those winter weather woes and join us for our Holiday Bash & Improv on December 14th from 1-4 PM @ Evolution Danz Studio for grades 8-12+**.

Parents, if your neurodiverse teen is looking for a judgement free zone to just hang out…look no further — we are the place to be! If he or she just wants to play video games, eat pizza and dance to the latest hits — we are the place to be!

Did we forget to mention that we’ve added improv to our party package? Don’t pass up the chance to be a part of the hottest holiday party of the season…JOIN US!

Who: Neurodiverse Teens Grades 8-12+ **

What: Holiday Bash & Improv

Where: Evolution Danz Studio

15237 Display Ct, Rockville, MD 20850

When: December 14th 1:00-4:00 PM


Trophy and prize for 1st place in tourney; prizes for 2nd and 3rd place

Participate in our dance & limbo contests and get the chance to win a trophy!


Live DJ

Entry fee – 40.00


*All party-goers must be registered*

** Current IEP students still in a HS setting

Find us on:

Twitter – @SlushandKrust

Instagram – slushandkrust

Facebook – Slush & Krust Productions


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