State Trooper and MoCo Native Adopts 12-Year-Old Dog Who Was Abandoned by Original Owner

by MCS Staff

A State Trooper, Josh Quase, who is also a native of Montgomery County and graduate of Watkins Mill High School has adopted a 12-year old golden retriever who was taken to a clinic to be put to sleep by her original owner who simply didn’t want her anymore. “Lola is my world. She has helped my whole family. She comes everywhere with me. My mother has stage 4 cancer and currently going through chemo. Lola is her comfort.” he commented on the Bedford County Human Society’s social media post about the situation. The full story can be seen below:

“Does anyone remember Lola the 12 year old golden retriever? Her previous owner took her to a clinic to have her put to sleep because he simply didn’t want her anymore? He was tired of having a dog. We have an update for you. ♥️

Lola has been living her best life with her new dad, Josh. Josh is a Maryland State Trooper who not only deserves a thank you for his occupation, but he deserves a HUGE thank you for the life he has given Lola. Lola goes on daily adventures. She just got back from a little vacation in Ocean City and absolutely loved the beach. She gets her exercise daily and is now getting around better than before despite her arthritis.

Lola is in the process of hopefully becoming an emotional support animal at the hospital for cancer patients. She has also helped young children who have been afraid dogs, to not be so afraid. She is truly one of a kind who just loves everyone she meets. Lola is exactly where she needs to be and is living her best life. We are incredibly thankful to Josh and his family for giving her the life she derserves.”

If you have instagram you can follow Lola’s adventures.


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