Takoma Park Police Department Warns of Amazon Scam

by Patrick Herron

Takoma Park Police Department Warns of Amazon Scam

Per the Takoma Park Police Department:

! SCAM ALERT ! Amazon Scam

We have received information that a resident has been contacted by phone by an
unknown person purporting to be from Amazon. The caller indicated that the resident
had suspicious activity on their account and they could help them fix the issue if they
logged in to their account with the caller. The resident did not do that. Another way
the Amazon scam works is through robocalls.

While some of Amazon’s departments do call customers, the retailer will never ask
you to disclose or verify sensitive personal information or offer a refund that you do
not expect. Amazon suggests protecting your online account with a two-step
verification system.

The best advice is not to trust that any incoming calls are coming from the number
showing on your caller ID. If you aren’t sure, hang up and log on to your account to
find the company’s customer service number.

More tips:
• Do not respond to any incoming robocalls claiming to be from Amazon or
another trusted brand. And don’t follow instructions to press 1 or call another
• Be suspicious of robocalls or other communications with bad grammar or stilted
• If you have concerns about your Amazon account, hang up on the robocall and
log in to your Amazon and relevant credit card account to check for suspicious

Takoma Park Police would like to remind everyone to be cautious who they talk to and
to never blindly give personal information or money to anyone.

More information about this scam: https://www.aarp.org/money/scams-fraud/info2021/amazon-impostor-calls.html


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