Potomac Pizza Owner to Acquire Hunter’s Bar and Grill

Adam Greenberg, owner of Potomac Pizza, has announced the acquisition of Hunter’s Bar and Grill at 10123 River Rd in the Potomac Village Shopping Center. The restaurant opened as the Hunter’s Inn in 1978 and rebranded to Hunter’s Bar & Grill in 2014. Greenberg’s team plans to maintain a majority of Hunter’s menu offerings and will add their own twist by improving current recipes and experimenting with new items based on customer feedback. Full details below:

Adam Greenberg, the restaurateur behind Potomac Pizza, Bagels ‘n Grinds, and College Park Grill, today announced the acquisition of Hunter’s Bar and Grill, located at 10123 River Road in Potomac, MD. Hunter’s Bar and Grill first opened as Hunter’s Inn in 1978, the same year the original Potomac Pizza opened, changing its name to Hunter’s Bar and Grill in 2014 under longtime owners Fred and Murray Berman’s leadership.

Over the course of their twenty plus years of ownership, the Berman brothers transformed Hunter’s into a Potomac staple. With over sixty years of combined restaurant experience, the brothers created a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere for all to come, eat, and enjoy, leaving behind a rich legacy the new ownership seeks to preserve. The restaurant will remain open during the transition, with Greenberg’s team expected to take over full operations starting mid-September.

Since first entering the culinary scene with the opening of his first restaurant, the Cone Zone of Bethesda, in 1992, Adam Greenberg’s primary motivation, aside from serving delicious food, sourced from the freshest ingredients, has been to be community based. Greenberg purchased Potomac Pizza in 1995, transforming the family pizza joint into a community hub and a representation of all Potomac has to offer.

Greenberg expresses a lot of excitement about adding Hunter’s to his resume. “I understand how important Hunter’s is to Potomac, and I am glad to become a strong part of it,” said Greenberg. “We look forward to talking to the existing customer base and learning what they love most about Hunter’s and using the findings to help us do what’s best not only for the business, but also for the community.” Greenberg is also eager to welcome a new generation of customers and looks forward to receiving the new clientele’s feedback as well.

Executive Chef Tennille “Chef Tee” Middleton will head kitchen operations. Being an alum of both Johnson & Wales University Culinary College and the sixth season of Gordon Ramsey’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” Chef Tee brings over fifteen years of executive chef experience to Hunter’s Bar and Grill. Chef Tee started as the Executive Chef of Greenberg’s College Park Grill in August 2022 and now oversees kitchen operations across all eight of Greenberg’s restaurants.

Dan Seaman will take over all day-to-day operations as the General Manager and contributing Partner of the restaurant. Dan has over twenty years of restaurant experience and is currently the General Manager of College Park Grill. Prior to joining the College Park Grill team in 2018, Seaman worked at a variety of restaurants including Cafe Deluxe, Woodmont Grill, and Mastro’s Steakhouse.

Greenberg’s team plans to maintain a majority of the restaurant’s current menu offerings, though they will be adding their own twist through improving current recipes and experimenting with new items based on customer feedback. The acquisition of Hunter’s Bar and Grill increases his Potomac culinary presence to two restaurants, Potomac Pizza being the other, while marking his ninth presently operating restaurant.

The acquisition of Hunter’s adds a ninth presently operating restaurant to Greenberg’s resume and increases his presence in the Potomac Village to two restaurants: Potomac Pizza and Hunter’s Bar and Grill. Greenberg plans on taking over full operations of Hunter’s in mid-September and is very excited to become a part of the long-standing Hunter’s family. The restaurant will remain open during the transition, with Chef Tenille Middleton taking over kitchen operations and Dan Seaman transitioning into the role of General Manager and Partner.

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