Beyond MoCo: Mozzeria, a Deaf-Owned and Operated Pizzeria

Beyond MoCo: Mozzeria, a Deaf-Owned and Operated Pizzeria

Mozzeria, a deaf-owned and operated pizzeria, is located on 1300 H St. NE, down the street from Gallaudet University.

We stopped by to check it out!

You can order online ahead of time or order in person when you arrive. If you’re unable to sign you can point out your order on the menu or write/type it on paper or your phone.

Our order consisted of the “Quattro Formaggi “and “Mushroom” pizzas (pictured below)

They had a few seats well-spaced out tables available to dine-in, but some of the restaurant was closed off due to Covid restrictions.

During our visit we saw two stars of the new Netflix show, Deaf U!

More about Mozzeria below:

Owners Russ and Melody Stein opened the first Mozzeria in San Francisco, where the restaurant has  been extremely successful.

They decided to open a restaurant in D.C. because of the proximity to Gallaudet– the university where the couple met.

Mozzeria opened in DC on Friday, September 4th. Customers are encouraged to place orders with their phones but can also try ASL if they’re comfortable doing so.

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