Could Fuddruckers be Coming Back to MoCo?


Could Fuddruckers be Coming Back to MoCo?

Fuddruckers franchisee Nicholas Perkins and his newly formed Black Titan Holdings group has reached an agreement to buy the restaurant chain for $18.5 million.

“We’re excited to be purchasing Fuddruckers and look forward to working with Fuddruckers’ many dedicated, highly capable franchisees to further build this brand. As a Fuddruckers franchisee, I have a vested interest in ensuring that all Fuddruckers franchisees have the resources, infrastructure, and operational and marketing support they need to maximize their return on investment. This strategic alignment, when combined with the fact that we sell the ‘World’s Greatest Hamburgers’, will ensure the long-term success of the brand and our franchisees.”, said Perkins.

The closest Fuddruckers location to Montgomery County right now is in Ashburn, VA.

Former MoCo locations included Rockville, Gaithersburg, and Downtown Silver Spring.



3 Comments on "Could Fuddruckers be Coming Back to MoCo?"

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  2. Hope Fuddruckers can return to Rockville!
    I miss their menu

  3. Fuddruckers was in the old Fritzbees location in Rockville. I’d like to see Fritzbees back! I like Fuddruckers, as well, but they didn’t have that poster of Jim Palmer in his tighty whities…

  4. Y E S . . . . FUDRUCKERS and FRITZBEES (the greatest restaurant of ALL TIME) both need to come back. Both are great in their own unique way!
    I hope someone actually reads this bc after 20+ years I STILL crave the FRITZBEES menu and atmosphere and can still taste the calamari and shrimp linguine EVERYDAY!!
    BUT I would be just as happy with FUDRUCKERS bc it truly is the GREATEST HAMBURGER ON EARTH – on the PLANET!!! We can’t let it get away. It would be a sin.

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