El Aguila is Coming to the Colesville Center

El Aguila is coming to the Colesville Center.

Back in May Ninja Sushi was planning on moving in to the Colesville Center, but a sign on the old patches location now reflects El Aguila’s alcohol hearing.

It’s unclear whether Ninja Sushi or El Aguila will be taking over the old Patches Gift Shop location (13452 New Hampshire Ave), a few stores down from Greek Village.

El Aguila will have the hearing for their alcoholic beverage license on November 7th.


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  2. Great! Looking forward to trying it. Pollo Mex is across the street in the same shopping center and should be great competition!

  3. Last week I checked and this notice is posted on a larger building on the other side of Colesville Center that was constructed a couple of years ago but up until now has been unoccupied. I did notice today that the Patches sign has finally been removed from its location. Anyway, I’m wondering which location El Aguila will actually be occupying. It will be a welcome addition in either location.

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