Fire in Rio Parking Garage

A fire on the third level of the five story Rio parking garage caused significant damage to several vehicles, according to MCFRSPIO Pete Piringer.

An SUV was fully engulfed and the fire spread to surrounding vehicles as smoke could be seen from surrounding areas.

Firefighters were able to put out the fire and luckily there were no injuries, but there was significant damage to vehicles and the garage.

Photos courtesy of Pete Piringer.

9 Comments on "Fire in Rio Parking Garage"

  1. Oh that looks like my old parking space!

  2. Its dated for tomorrow

    • If by tomorrow you mean yesterday

    • This happened November 16, 2019. We were walking out of Dave and Busters to the garage. The smoke was contained to the garage area but was so think , black and noxious you couldn’t walk out.
      We notified the 2 cops in D and Bs and called 911. We left the building and heard the trucks arrive quickly.

  3. What caused the fire

  4. Wait, when did this actually occur, November 16, 2019, or this week? This is very confusing.

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