MCPS Boundary Analysis- White Oak MS

MCPS Boundary Analysis Meeting at White Oak

The meeting opened with some answer to FAQ based on questions in previous meetings.

Something that was stressed in the first 15 minutes of the meeting was that the purpose is NOT to redraw school or cluster boundaries.

The answers to the FAQs below can be found in the photos we’re providing. We don’t have a printed or electronic version because they’re still a draft.

• What is the purpose of this study? (Photo 1)
• Why now? (Photo 2)
• How is this process related to the recent Clarksburg/Seneca Valley boundary change? (Photo 3)
• How will the weighting of the 3 lenses (utilization, diversity, proximity), factor into this analysis? What is the MoCo BoE’s approach to weighting these lenses? (Photo 4)
• How will this study by analyzing diversity? (Photo 5)
• Why is the current scope different from the original RFP? (Photo 6)
• What will the final report address? (Photo 7)
• What is the WXY team’s experience with school capacity and boundary analysis? (Photo 8
• Will this analysis lead to boundary recommendations or change? (Photo 9)

The purpose of the project, based on the presentation (photo 10) is to:

• Provide a comprehensive assessment of school boundaries in light of county growth.
• Receive community feedback on the challenges of creating diverse schools.
• Understand the related challenges of utilization, diversity, and proximity in school clusters.
• Reinforce MCPS’s core values of learning respect, excellence, and equity.

The purpose of this study is not to redraw school or cluster boundaries.


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