MCPS: Stonegate Elementary School Replacement (Demolition/Rendering)

by MCS Staff

Stonegate Elementary School students are now attending school at North Lake Center on Bauer Drive in Aspen Hill, approximately 7.2 miles away from the elementary school. Construction began over winter break and the old building was recently demolished.

For years, planners and school district officials have been at odds over the design of new schools due to parking lots and bus loops at the front of the building, “separating the building from the community”, according to a report by Caitlynn Peetz.

Students are expected to be back at Stonegate Elementary School in August 2023.

Below you will see the existing site plan and the future site plan, as well as photos of the demolition of the building (by Effie K.) and a video rendering of what the school site will look like once completed, can also be seen below.





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