Beyond MoCo: Queen Elizabeth II Saw her First (American) Football Game at UMD

by Amy Lusignan

Last November, the Netflix show “The Crown” reached Netflix’s top 10 most watched shows. The hit drama follows Queen Elizabeth II’s long reign of Great Britain. Unfortunately, the show didn’t cover the Queen’s tour to the United States and Canada in 1957. On October 19, she and the Duke of Edinburgh cheered among 45,000 other fans at a University of Maryland (UMD) football game.

The Maryland Terrapins were playing against the North Carolina Tar Heels. While watching her first game of American football, the Queen stood next to Maryland governor Theodore McKeldin (to the right in the photo) and University of Maryland president Wilson Homer “Bull” Elkins (to the left in the photo).

The game ended in a victory for the underdog Terps, with a final score of 21-7. Whether or not the Queen’s presence influenced the game is uncertain, but UMD definitely won’t forget its royal fan.

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.


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