Quilts and the Stories They Tell Now at Sandy Spring Museum

by Patrick Herron

Quilts and the Stories They Tell Now at Sandy Spring Museum

Quilts and the Stories They Tell is the latest exhibit at the Sandy Spring Museum (17901 Bentley Rd).

The exhibit opened back in January and runs until March 12th. There is no entry fee but reservations are encouraged.  You are also able to take a virtual tour of the exhibit on Sandy Spring Museum’s website.

Their next exhibit, I am More Than My Hair, a collection of twenty, three-dimensional tactile portraits by creator Alyscia Cunningham, begins on March 19th.  According to a press release, the exhibit is accessible to visitors with hearing and vision loss and asks the viewer to reconsider his or her idea of feminine beauty and adornment.

Quilts and the Stories They Tell
Take a close look at a quilt and you can almost hear the words of the maker, the fabric, and the purpose of this utilitarian work of art. But while every quilt has a backstory, the story quilt starts with a message.  A story quilt may include words, photos, non-traditional fabrics, and embellishments along with more standard quilting techniques and materials.

In this exhibit, we bring together the stories of a variety of individuals – master quilt artist Lauren Kingsland, her apprentice Grammy award-winning Cathy Fink, and members of the Uhuru Quilters Guild.  While the expertise of the quilters varies, each artist has the ability to tell a story in fabric in a unique and nuanced way, through choices of color, texture, design, and embellishment.

Ms. Kingsland will be sharing a series of personal story journal page quilts marking significant moments in her life as well as one of her newest works, “Why I Vote.”  Among Ms. Fink’s quilts is one about a song she wrote honoring a friend who died in the AIDS epidemic, an ironic project to complete during another pandemic. And among the varied quilts on exhibit by the Uhuru Quilters are those that respond to current events through the long lens of history.  Some of the works have been exhibited nationally, like a quilt by Angela Lanier, whose work was recently juried into We Are The Story at the Textile Center in Minneapolis, MN.

HerStory Through Quilts
March 6 at 11:00 am
Virtual presentation focusing on the anatomy of a story quilt and highlighting story quilts created by a diverse group of women. Led by Angela Lanier.


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